About KAPH

The Kenya Association of Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics Owners (KAPH), was registered by Registrar of Societies in Nairobi on the 23rd August 2000 as a consortium of healthcare facilities within the Republic of Kenya, that are recognized, evaluated and licensed by Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board (MP&DB). Fulfilling the vision of a strategic plan for universal   healthcare   for   all,   these   facilities   promote   comprehensive   and   competitive healthcare packages throughout Kenya, thereby strengthening the delivery of healthcare by public-private partnership in the country.


The  KAPH  Consortiuprimary  purpose  is  to  move  its  members  focus  beyond  a  narrow, partisan in order to help the country transform its health system. In the process, it hopes to provide all Kenyans equal access to quality healthcare, irrespective of the location where they live. Indeed, the KAPH Consortium continuous to work towards the attainment of countrywide healthcare delivery in accordance with the Governmentstated health goals and aspirations; guided by the Kenya Vision 2030.


Healthcare facilities in Kenya can become members of the KAPH consortium following a comprehensive evaluation process and licensing by Consortium Board. A decision-making committee of subject matter-experts assesses each healthcare facility annually based on the following:

Membership Criteria:

  • Number of years since establishment of the facility
  • Accreditation and certification, approved by for services /processes at the facility.
  • Interactive Website available to facilitate free information flow
  • Details of affiliations through ownership or partnership with well-known health providers,
  • To have an NIHF accreditation is highly recommended.

KAPH Consortium benefits

  • Be part of a clinically integrated networks hence support and help each other achieve their goals and share your interest in improving the Universal healthcare delivery and management system at all levels
  • Gain access to best practices, policies, and measures implemented by existing members, which will help achieve performance results faster and more cost-effectively
  • Broaden your knowledge through our continuing education events and programmes, interaction with other members, and peer-review